To my friends, online buddies, and all readers...

My Abah (father) had been diagnosed with intestinal cyst after suffering for more than half a year. He is now waiting for a date for operation. The cyst is in later stage, and my Abah isn't young and strong anymore, so the condition is quite worrying.

Everyone, please, if you have several seconds of free moments, please pray for his health and well being.

thank you...


He's the first man I know

From many years ago

He's the first man I remember

The man who is my father

He is my first teacher

Taught me to read, write and calculate

He is my first coach

Taught me to swing my bat and racket

I still remember he was strong and sturdy

Full at hands, never even a bit lazy

And his wisdom, forever inspire me

He's my hero, my idol, the man I always wanted to be

He didn't sleep if to make his children comfy

He didn't eat if to avoid his children hungry

He showed me life beyond wealth and money

A life where we are all a family

Living moderate life, shy of luxury

Yet we all agree, we're more than just happy

Now he's fighting in hospital bed...

I just wanna fall and break...

Tears didn't come out, they're flooding my head...

Oh my GOD, save my father, what YOU made, only YOU can unmake...

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