This screenshot I took from CNET explains a lot. Two latest news are about cyber giant, Google Inc.

Android is an operating system for smart phones (and tablet PCs), alongside more familiar names such as IPhone IOS, Windows Mobile and BlackBerry OS. Late starter Android, as of today, is enjoying a large chunk of smart phone market share, at a staggering 33%... one and a half of it's next competitor, the ever popular iPhone at 22%. Though iPhone set to get larger market share with its release of their new iPhone 4, Android is also set to do the same with various new phones coming in, especially from Motorolla and HTC, leaving Windows and BlackBerry smaller and smaller portion.

Wave is an online software application product from Google, which Google described as "a new web application for real-time communication and collaboration". Barely celebrating its first birthday, Wave is deemed as a failure.

Such are two different stories of success and failure. Yes, even big guys like Google will fail at some point, but they know when they fail, and they surely know how to capitalize on their success

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